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Hi, readers! The problem with Northern Salvation has been fixed, and you should be able to update your copy on your Kindle to receive the correct version of the book. You can find the instructions on how to do that here. If, after updating, you are still missing chapters, please email me! I can send you a link to download the correct version of the book.

Coming January 17, 2023

Searching for Rescue

Redwood Coast Rescue Book 1

He has nothing to live for.

Zak Hendricks has a reputation—a black-ops soldier willing to take on the hardest, dirtiest, most suicidal missions. But when his final mission goes sideways, and he spends two weeks in enemy hands, he’s discharged back to his hometown of Steam Valley, CA, with half a leg and a bad attitude.

She has everything to fight for.

Dog trainer Anna Rawlings has done her level best to avoid Zak since he crushed her 17-year-old heart, but when he’s court-ordered to enroll in her Paws for Vets program at Redwood Coast Rescue, she has no choice but to help him. Because if she can’t rehabilitate the town’s most notorious bad boy, she’ll lose all of her funding, and her land will be auctioned off to developers.

Can an unpredictable K9, marked for death, save them both?

Zak doesn’t want a service animal any more than Ranger, a former military working dog, wants to become one, but sweet, stubborn Anna–his first love–is not giving up on either of them. She thinks they’ll make a good search and rescue team, and the rigorous training is their last shot to prove they aren’t damaged beyond repair.

When Ranger finds the body of a woman who recently abducted her daughters, there are signs that the two girls could still be alive, lost in the rugged Northern California landscape—and a ruthless killer is also searching for them. Can Anna help Zak and Ranger work together to find the missing kids before it’s too late?

Searching for Rescue is the first book in the Redwood Coast Rescue romantic suspense series, but it can be read as a standalone. If you like broody, damaged former military men with quirky canine partners, and the kick-ass women who bring them to heel, then you’ll love this sizzling, action-packed adventure.

No one, and I mean no one, can write better adrenaline-fueled bad-assery than Tonya Burrows!

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