Birthday: December 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, long. He wears it pulled back in a tail under his ever-present cowboy hat.
Nickname: “Sawbones” or sometimes just “Bones”
Hometown: Jackson, WY
Position in HORNET: Medic
Career Before HORNET: Delta Force medic
Favorite Place to hang out: A small lake near his ranch
Random Fact: Jesse married his high school sweetheart, Lacy, at age 18 and they had a son, Connor. They divorced after a turbulent 7 years. Connor is now 15 and has a chip on his shoulder as big as Wyoming.
First Appearance: Seal of Honor
His Book: Code of Honor

Raised on a Wyoming ranch, Jesse has a strict moral code and a strong work ethic. While he apologetically breaks some rules, he won’t do anything that goes against his principles. A gentleman who is comfortable with himself and mostly easy to get along with, he makes friends effortlessly, but he uses his good ol’ boy charm as a mask and very few people see the real Jesse Warrick. He is a chameleon, adept at changing to new circumstances. When he falls in love (and that happens a lot), he falls hard and fast—and usually falls out of love just as fast as soon as a new mission comes along.