Age: 31
Build: 6’2″, 200 lbs
Birthday: January 30
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark Blond, short
Nickname: Achilles
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Position in HORNET: XO (Executive Officer, 2nd in command)
Career before HORNET: Master Chief, US Navy SEALs
Favorite Drink: National Bohemian–“Natty Boh”
Random Fact: He has one tattoo–a frogman in honor of a childhood friend who inspired him to go into the Navy.
Best Friend: Gabe Bristow
The Woman Who Holds His Heart: Mara Escareno
His Book: Broken Honor

Quinn is a man with high standards of conduct that he holds himself and everyone else to. He doesn’t do well with shades of gray and would rather take orders than give them. He’s merciless to enemies and fiercely loyal to those he loves. He chooses friends and lovers very carefully, but once he offers his heart and trust to someone, he will die to protect that person. He has trouble accepting that he is only human and that, sometimes, he needs help. Extremely focused and driven, he has an innate need to correct everything that is wrong in the world