Age: 2
Birthday: May 26
Build: large, muscular, 65 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Mostly tan with a black face
Breed: Belgian Malinois mix
Tattoos: red line on his belly. The vet put it there after he was neutered, which he’s still bitter about.
Favorite Food: bacon
Position in HORNET: bomb sniffer
Best Friend: Ian Reinhardt
The Woman Who Holds His Heart: Phoebe Leighton
First Book He Appears In: Honor Reclaimed

Tank was born in Afghanistan, the only surviving pup of a stray mother and a Military Working Dog father who was separated from his handler after an insurgent attack. Tank spent the first year of his life as Almas, a goat herder’s companion, until his owner was killed when their village was raided by the Taliban. He was left tied to an old Soviet tank and would have starved to death if Phoebe Leighton hadn’t found him. He’s equal parts playful and hard working, very loyal and protective of those he loves. Although he sometimes misses his former master, he adores his new best friend Ian and keeps a close eye on him.