Middle Name: Rae
Age: 29
Birthday: May 13
Build: 5’2″, 105 lbs, petite
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Naturally blond, but changes with the wind
Favorite Music: a little bit of everything
Favorite Food:
Random Fact: She has a pet African Grey Parrot named Poe.
The Man Who Holds Her Heart: Reece Wilde
Title of Her Book: Wilde at Heart

Shelby has always tangoed to her own drum, and it doesn’t concern her that most other people can’t hear the beat. She’s high-spirited and fun-loving, but has a tendency to skip through life in an erratic, undisciplined way that drives her more down-to-earth half-sister, Eva, crazy. She’s wildly impulsive and winds up in trouble more often than not, but has a unique ability to talk her way out of bad situations and she always manages to land on her feet.