Full name: Kathryn Phoebe Leighton
Age: 28
Birthday: February 22
Build: 5’3″, 115 lbs,petite
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red, long & curly
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
Current residence: Boston, MA
Career: Photojournalist, women’s rights activist
Favorite drink: Coffee
Random fact: She got her first camera from her parents for her 12th birthday, but didn’t realize she could turn her love of photography into a career until her mid-20s.
Man who holds her heart: Seth Harlan
Book: Honor Reclaimed

Phoebe is an instinctive and passionate woman. Courageous, determined, and not easily discouraged, she constantly strives to improve the world around her. However, she can also be stubborn, rash, and opinionated, and often feels the need to justify herself and her actions. At a very basic level, she fears she’s somehow corrupt or defective, which causes her to rely heavily on her many causes as a moral compass because she doesn’t trust her own inner guidance.