Age: 34
Build: 6’2″, 200 lbs
Birthday: June 10
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: dark brown, longish, curly
Most Striking Feature: His smile
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Position in HORNET: Negotiator/ resident lock picker
Career Before HORNET: FBI Negotiator
Favorite Food: His mother’s Zeppole
Hobby: Surfing
Random Fact: He has an encyclopedic knowledge of movie trivia.
Best Friend(s): Danny Giancarelli, Jean-Luc Cavalier

Marcus is fun and irresistible with a devastatingly charming smile. He never judges and thinks nobody should judge him. He’d rather use his charm and wit to talk his way out of a situation than fight his way out. He’s very intelligent and adapts easily to new circumstances. Although he carries around a lot of guilt, he doesn’t like to spend time dwelling on past traumas and prefers to keep things light and easy. If anyone ever gets under all of his glitz and charm to the real man, he gets nervous and makes a fast exit. He’s a love ’em and leave ’em type guy.