Full Name: Marisol Rosa Escareno
Age: 27
Birthday: July 1
Height: 5’3″
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: dark brown
Favorite Drink: hot chocolate
Favorite TV show: M*A*S*H. (It was her deceased father’s favorite and reminds her of him. She even named her pets after the main characters.)
Career: veterinary technician
Random Fact: She’s related to Jesse Warrick (paternal cousins) and her last name was also Warrick until her stepfather adopted her when she was 11.
The Man Who Holds Her Heart: Travis Quinn
Title of Her Book: BROKEN HONOR

Mara is kind and sweet-natured. She has a tendency to “go along to get along”, allowing people to walk all over her, but that’s only because she focuses more on making sure everyone around her is content before attending to her own happiness. However, she’s a lot stronger and more resilient than people (especially the men in her life) give her credit for.