Age: 34
Birthday: August 15
Build: 6’4”, 197 lbs.
Hair: Blond, straight, shoulder-length
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Career before HORNET: CIA linguist. He’s fluent in 15 languages and counting.
Always wanted to be: King of Carnival. Seriously.
Favorite Music: Anything lively
Random Fact: Although he’s very good with language and can mimic any accent or intonation, he still speaks with his native Cajun accent. It comes out more when he’s drunk.

His Book: Reckless Honor

The Woman Who Holds His Heart: Claire Oliver

A genius with linguistics, Jean-Luc loves learning new languages or cracking seemingly uncrackable codes, but when his mind is unoccupied, his capricious side takes over and he tends to get into trouble. When he has a problem to solve, he’s completely absorbed in it and can become insular and forgetful. When he’s bored, he tends to make rash and reckless choices. He works hard and plays harder.