Age: 30
Build: 6’1″, 195 lbs
Birthday: April 18
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: dark brown
Nickname: Boomer
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Career before HORNET: Navy EOD (explosive ordnance disposal)
Favorite Drink: Johnnie Walker Black
Preferred Weapon: Anything that goes boom!
Tattoos: All over his chest, back, and arms.
Random Fact: He has a huge soft spot for children. They are one of the few things that can make him laugh and he hates to see anyone mistreat a child.
Best Friend: Tank, his K9 partner
First Book He Appears In: SEAL of Honor

Ian’s a disappointed idealist with a very cynical outlook on life. In typical bad boy fashion, he breaks rules he doesn’t like, oftentimes lets his bitterness get in the way of rational thought, and burns bridges he shouldn’t. He’s unpredictable, moody, and insolent, and lives by his own code of honor. He doesn’t trust easily, but once you have his trust, he’s steadfastly loyal. He uses sneers and a prickly attitude to hide a big heart and an innate need to protect those that can’t fend for themselves. When he falls in love, he falls hard.