Middle Name: Andressa
Age: 30
Birthday: June 1
Build: 5’9″, 130 lbs–tall and thin
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Career: Homicide detective
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Food: Kit Kat
Random Fact: She worked undercover in Narcotics for two years before transferring to Homicide.
Best friend: Camden Wilde
The Man Who Holds Her Heart: Camden Wilde
Title of Her Book: Wilde for Her

Competitive and outwardly confident, Eva has always been “one of the guys” and can drink any man in the department under the table. She’s sarcastic, blunt, and tends to bury her emotions with work. She keeps her feminine side under tight wraps, even as she yearns for the husband, kids, and white-picket-fence-family she never had growing up.