Searching for Rescue

Searching for Rescue

Zak Hendricks has a reputation-- a black-ops soldier willing to take on the hardest, dirtiest, most suicidal missions. But when his final mission goes sideways and he spends a week in enemy hands, he’s discharged back to his hometown of Clear Point, CA, and spirals out of control—constantly searching for his next adrenaline high just to feel something, anything other than the icy numbness he’d been functioning with since his rescue.

Dog trainer Anna Rawlings has done her level best to avoid Zak ever since he crushed her 16-year-old heart the night of his high school graduation, and she’s none too happy when he's court-ordered to enroll in her Paws for Vets program, which takes retired police and military K9s and retrains them to work as companions for troubled veterans.

Zak doesn’t want a service animal any more than Ranger, a former military working dog, wants to become one, but he’s wanted Anna for most of his life. Now that he has to see her every day for training, he plans to make the most it. Even if that means he has to put up with a dog.

When a landslide takes out a campsite, Ranger discovers the body of a woman who was recently abducted with her two children. There are signs that the two girls could still be alive, lost in the rugged Northern California landscape—and there are signs that their abductor is also searching for them. Can Anna help Zak and Ranger work together to find the missing kids before it's too late?

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