Random Thoughts

SEAL OF HONOR now available in audiobook!

The SEAL OF HONOR audiobook finally released this week on Audible and I’m hearing it for the first time. The narrator, Stephen Borne, has done an excellent job and this book... man. I laughed out loud at Jean-Luc’s introduction and can’t stop smiling. It’s thrilling...

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Hi, all. I've been getting some questions about my next release(s), so I wanted to pop in and let you know what's going on. Last week, in my infinite clumsiness, I slipped in the driveway while taking out the trash and broke my wrist. I’m having surgery tomorrow, so...

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Meet the Heroine: Lanie Delcambre

LANIE DELCAMBRE Full Name: Elena Delcambre Age: 32 Birthday: August 15 Height: 5’10”, athletic Eyes: dark brown Hair: dark brown Hometown: El Paso, TX Former Career: Texas Ranger Random Fact: Lanie has been Mara Escareno‘s best friend since high school. Her Book: Code...

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Meet the Hero: Jesse Warrick

Birthday: December 21 Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown, long. He wears it pulled back in a tail under his ever-present cowboy hat. Nickname: “Sawbones” or sometimes just “Bones” Hometown: Jackson, WY Position in HORNET: Medic Career Before HORNET: Delta Force medic Favorite...

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Meet the Hero: Gabe Bristow

Age: 32 Build: 6’4″, 226 lbs Birthday: May 6 Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark brown Nickname: Stonewall Hometown: Arlington, VA Position in HORNET: Commander Career before HORNET: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Weapon: SIG Sauer P226 Random Fact:...

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Meet the Heroine: Audrey Van Amee

Middle Name: Ruth Age: 27 Birthday: March 3 Eyes: light brown Hair: light brown, blond streaks Career: Artist Favorite Music: Reggae Favorite Food: Coconut Random Fact: She always dreamed of being a professional surfer, but after...

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